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How to Make A Order From Universitydiploma.net Online?

  • Provide Your Details
    Download the form above and fill it out with your information.
  • Transfer 50% As Deposit
    After we have checked your form, please pay 50% deposit
  • We Design The Draft
    We will send you the draft of your document in 12-24 hours. You check it out if there’s something wrong on it, and we will change it soon.
  • Pay The Balance
    After you confirm that everything is correct on the draft, please pay the final payment, and then we will prepare, stamp, seal or hologram.
  • Make your Document
    We will make your document in 2-3 days, and keep the best quality for you.
  • Package Delivery
    When everything is ready, we will send it to your address by DHL or FedEx.We will print your document in 2-3 days, and keep the best quality for you.You check to tell if there is a problem and we will change it soon
The Process of Purchasing a Diploma

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  • Bank transfers
    If you don’t have the above three payment methods, bank transfer is also a good option
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