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2 Ways to Buy Fake GCSE Certificate

fake GCSE Certificate
fake GCSE Certificate

General Certificate of Secondary Education, abbreviated as GCSE, translated into Chinese as General Secondary Education Certificate, is a certificate issued by British students who complete the first stage of secondary education. How to buy a fake GCSE certificate? purchase a fake General Certificate of Secondary Education certificate. GCSE is the British general junior high school graduation diploma, which is equivalent to the junior high school graduation examination diploma in China, but in fact, GCSE is a study course for the 10th and 11th grades of British middle schools. The degree and requirements are higher than those of domestic junior high school graduates. It is said that it should be more suitable for domestic high school students to apply. After two years of GCSE study, students can enter the A LEVEL stage of study. Students’ GCSE results will be used as a reference for A LEVEL and even university admission.

Order a fake GCSE certificate

At the GCSE stage, students usually study 8-12 courses in two years, and most students will study the compulsory courses stipulated by the school. Copy a fake General Certificate of Secondary Education certificate, order a fake GCSE certificate. Required courses include English, Mathematics, Design and Technology, Language, Natural Science, Religion, Communication Technology and Physical Education. FAKE CERTIFICATE. Elective courses include art and design, business, drama, economics, engineering, health and social care, leisure and tourism, music and physics.

In the UK, students enter GCSE courses at the age of fourteen and study for two years. The GCSE curriculum in British schools is very flexible. For Chinese students who have graduated from the third year of junior high school or are in the first year of senior high school, we recommend that they enroll in the two-year GCSE course. The study time can also be shortened based on the students’ English proficiency and school grades. Make a fake General Certificate of Secondary Education certificate, purchase a fake GCSE certificate. The traditional two-year GCSE course is equivalent to the first and second year of high school in China, and the fast one-year GCSE course (not generally offered by British schools) is equivalent to the second year of high school in China. British schools have three semesters a year, one semester has three months and two HALF TERM holidays, most schools start in September, and a few schools start in January and April. Fake BTEC Certificate. After entering the GCSE course, students choose at least ten to fifteen subjects according to their own learning ability. These subjects are divided into compulsory courses and elective courses. Required courses include English, mathematics, design and technology, French or German, biology, chemistry or physics, history or geography; elective courses include art, biology, business studies, chemistry, economics, French, geography, German, history, humanities, Italian, Music, Physics, Religious Studies, Russian, Spanish, and many more career-oriented subjects to choose from.

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