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3 Keys to Buying Fake Athabasca University Diploma

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Athabasca University (AU) is a Canadian public research university operating primarily through online distance education. How to make a fake Athabasca University diploma? Founded in 1970, it is one of four comprehensive academic and research universities in Alberta and the first in Canada to specialize in distance education. Athabasca University was created by the Alberta government in 1970 as part of the expansion of higher education in response to rising enrollment rates at the time. A group of U of A graduates, including Preston Manning, influenced the development of an independent fourth university. In 1970, Grant MacEwan, then Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, ordered the creation of the AU. The name of the new university was a challenge because there was no desire to associate the new university with a city (Edmonton) that already had a university (University of Arizona). Athabasca Hall, student housing at the University of Arizona, was scheduled for demolition, so the name was used for the new Athabasca University.

How to spot a fake Athabasca University diploma?

AU has five colleges: School of Business, School of Health Sciences, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Technology, and School of Graduate Studies. AU spends more than $2 million annually on research. Fake diploma. Purchase a fake Athabasca University diploma. The university has four Canada Research Chairs, one NSERC/Xerox/Markin/ICORE Research Chair and one of three UNESCO/COL Chairs. The Athabasca University Research Center is the main center of the university, along with the Institute for Technology-Enhanced Knowledge and the Center for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research. AU is also a participating member of the WestGrid research network.

In 1994, AU’s Center for Innovation Management launched the world’s first online MBA program. With 65 students in the program’s first year, the online MBA program has graduated nearly 4,000 to date. Fake University of Alberta Diploma. How to get a fake Athabasca University diploma. Under the leadership of University President Dominique Abrioux (1995-2005), Athabasca University expanded programs across all departments, including graduate programs, and launched a new Master of Integrated Studies degree called the MA-IS.

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