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Also in California, 10 Misconceptions about CSU!

Many times, people form an impression of American universities through paper materials or online words, but the lack of exploration of relevant information leads many people to misunderstand the actual situation of the school. Here is a list of the top 10 misconceptions people have about the Cal State University system.


People who don’t know about studying in the United States can easily mistake Cal State University for a certain school in California. In fact, the Cal State University system includes 23 different universities. The branch schools are evenly scattered throughout California, some in Northern California and the Bay Area, and some in Central California and Southern California. In addition, although they belong to the California State University system, they have different sizes, locations, courses, and extracurricular activities to choose from. A total of more than 300,000 students and 180,000 faculty members study and live here. It is currently the largest university in the United States. Four-year public higher education system.

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When it comes to universities in California, I believe that your mind goes straight to UCLA or USC, two extremely popular and well-known schools. However, if you know that UCLA or UC Berkeley belong to another public system-the University of California system, not California State University, as USC is a private university, it has nothing to do with California State.


“California is a big city with high consumption and high tuition fees”! In fact, compared with other universities, the tuition fees of most colleges and universities in CSU are at a lower level, and they have won the praise of many students for their reasonable fees and quality. The average undergraduate tuition for out-of-state students (including international students) starts at $40,000 at U.S. public universities, but you can finish at Cal State for less.


The admission rate of California State University is basically above 50%. Buy California State University diplomas online. Compared with UCLA’s 10.8% overall admission rate, 9.1% international student admission rate, or UC Irvine’s 29% admission rate, there is no sense of oppression immediately! There are many well-known universities in the California area, but not all of them are difficult to get into~
Of course, some schools are still a bit difficult. For example, San Diego State University is considered to be the flagship school of CSU and is classified as a comprehensive university by USnews, ranking 143. Its admission rate is about 36%, and the proportion of international students is also very low. About 2.5%.

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The biggest misconception about CSU is that there are many local students, so few students live on campus, and students may not get the real college experience.


The disadvantage of public universities is that there are many people in large courses as rumored, but this is not all! There are also classes with many courses that are quite small, with only 20-30 students. Still, who’s to say that large classes won’t be loved? Some courses are too popular, so the school has greatly increased the number of candidates to ensure that everyone can choose this course.


“Everyone spends their leisure time at the beach” is a typical California stereotype, in fact, there are places in California that are not near the sea! Only a few CSU campuses are close to the beach, and many are far, far from the shoreline. Students who study in seaside schools are very happy, such as CSU Channel Islands even set up a surf club for their students.


Cal State University doesn’t have many majors to choose from? If that’s something you’re worried about, don’t be! The California State University system provides a large number of professional fields to choose from. All schools offer a large number of subdivided majors, including business, biology, psychology, and communication.


“Classes at 8 o’clock are very popular”, this should be the university’s misunderstanding of students. In college, almost no one wants to attend classes at 8 o’clock…Maybe for you in high school, getting up at 7 or 8 o’clock is a piece of cake, but this is not the case in college, and you may be sluggish because of getting up early… …


Many students mistakenly think that driving to school is a cool thing! In fact, for students who do not live on campus, finding a parking space while driving is the most common headache, but it happens every day… But the school is also trying to help students solve problems, for example, there is a special lounge on campus , meal plans, and public transportation options are available, and the cost is usually included in tuition.

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